Volunteer Cooks Needed

Can We Help feeds those in need every Thursday. We are extremely grateful to our VOLUNTEER COOKS over the past four years, however, we are always in need of more! We ask that you cook a meal ONCE A YEAR!


We serve at 2 locations providing food for about 18 people at each location

We will deliver the pans to you prior to your cooking date.

We have found the following to be working well:

please fill each pan to the brim

fill 2 pans with the entrée ( 1 for each location )

fill 2 pans with salad ( 1 for each location )

provide salad dressing for each location

We will pick up the meal from your home on Thursday at

4:30 pm. Call CWH if you have any questions.

Many, many thanks …772-486-8150