You work two jobs, cannot find affordable aftercare for your children and do not receive sick pay. Your bills are piling up, your mortgage is due and your car breaks down. Everyday is the same cycle, with no end in sight…rent, utilities, food, day care, after care, automobile expenses, medical expenses, on and on! Do you know where to go for help? 

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? So many families are on the brink of homelessness…yet work day in and day out for a paycheck that barely meets all your needs. There are many services available, but do you know how to utilize them, or even find what program is in your best interest? Is the service offered just a bandaid, long term or something that can get you on your feet again? 

Can We Help, and many of our partners, offer counseling, guidance and direction while still maintaining your dignity. Please call us today!

We are located in Stuart and have office hours five days a week, 9 am – 12 pm.  Call us and we will get back to you with immediate assistance or direction to one of our many partners 772-486-8150.  

Services We Offer on Site at Can We Help

Clothing: We have gently worn clothing for professional jobs, restaurant jobs or those living outdoors. We have a selection of clothing for children and shoes for all ages.

Food Pantry: We have a food pantry for emergency and temporary needs of all our clients.

Medical Assistance: We navigate people to community partners for eye, dental and medical care.

Mentoring: We mentor and advocate for persons working toward self sufficiency.

ID assistance: We help families with the paperwork they need in order to apply for programs and services.

Financial counseling: We partner with professionals who offer guidance with financial planning/budgeting.

Need help? Need information? Come in or contact us:

Can We Help
1300 E 10th Street
Stuart, Fl 34996