We hope you will attend our FALL FUNDRAISING BREAKFAST on October 17 at 8:30 at the Stuart Yacht and Country Club!

We are a non-profit, ALL volunteer organization who reach out to the homeless living in our woods, the poor who work several jobs and cannot make ends meet, broken families with children who have no where to go, the elderly who’s social security checks do not make it through the month, many single parents who barely afford the roof over their heads and live with no furniture or food, we help people find jobs, teach them computer skills in our office, work closely with other organizations who can help with unemployment, rent and cars, we offer tutoring for the GED, English as a second language and driving lessons!

All day long our phone rings, people walk into our office asking for “help”, we find ourselves driving or picking up many clients who cannot make appointments that we have set up for them and if it wasn’t for our VOLUNTEERS, many of these people would not be helped. But we need your donations to keep it going!!

Every penny donated goes directly toward the rent/utilities of our office, supplies for office and Thursday night meals (we feed the homeless every Thursday night) and directly toward those we are helping. It breaks our hearts when we have to turn people away who need a hotel room for the night, cab fare to get to work, tuition for educational classes, insurance, medical expenses, baby supplies, first/last month rent, electric bills, fees and so much more!

We cannot thank you enough for any support and hope you attend our breakfast as we recognize those who give back to the community and share with you how you CAN HELP!

God Bless You