Mission Statement


Can we help is Florida Not for Profit Corporation whose stated purpose is:

“Our mission is to minister to the profoundly impoverished, the homeless and those facing eminent homelessness so as to alleviate their suffering, bring them dignity, restore their hope and encourage them to achieve self sufficiency all as expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ ”

BUT, the true character of the corporation and what it does is identified by how its volunteers fulfill the ministry and interact with the persons it reaches.
The Board of Directors has defined as their goal to take home cooked meals, clothing and hygiene articles to homeless persons in the areas where they reside and, in implementing that mission, its volunteers strive to…
* reflect the Love of Christ to those it serves,
* interact with each person with respect, dignity and as a valuable person,
* approach each person without judgment,
* ask no questions, expect nothing in return and to deliver its services without condition
Through the generosity of friends and supporters, the corporation has accumulated funds which enable it to assist persons in obtaining their state identification documentation, to assist with limited but meaningful financial assistance to purchase work tools, cover travel expenses back to families and homes and to assist on an as needed basis.
In partnership with Light of the World Charities in Palm City, Florida, dental care has now been made available to a number of persons.