Huge Donation!

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Huge Donation!

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We cannot thank Bob Durst’s cousin David Paxton and his wife, Cheryl who live in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach Club, which is a community of about 500 houses. Twice a year they have a community yard sale. This year David took flyers to every home saying that if they had any clothing left over after the sale he would pick it up and bring it to us. The result, from that flyer, was a U-haul trailer arriving last night! This community, far from Florida, were so moved by Can We Helps mission, that they donated a large amount of clothing to Can We Help and even more clothing to the victims whom were just hit by the extreme flooding!  Speaks well of that community and the goodness of hearts! 

We are now stocked with at least enough clothing for 3-4 months and we have a “partner community” in South Carolina! Goodness has no boundaries…blessings abound! Thank you David and Cheryl and your entire community for clothing our homeless! God Bless!