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Because He lives we can face tomorrow!

  Our Spring Message of Thanks 
from Can We Help

Several weeks ago The Stuart News gave our Executive Director, Bob Durst, the opportunity to write a Guest Column urging our community to be more aware of the plight of the homeless and impoverished and to consider how each of us could help. 

Columnist, Gil Smart, has since written two similar columns  creating an overwhelming outpouring of recognition, support and answered prayers! 
Just last week a donor sent us a very, very  generous donation saying that Gil’s columns were “heart wrenching” and that she wanted to help.
Three of our area churches have joined our efforts — Immanuel Lutheran in Palm City had a mid week Lenten Service which raised substantial funds, brought much needed food and a number of gift cards to us; the Catholic Women’s Counsel at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church gathered a large amount of food, clothing and sleeping bags for us; and the Outreach Ministry at The Stuart Congregational Church has reached out to not only Can We Help but other organizations that are ministering to the homeless to see how they can help. 
Our youth, who are often the real “movers and shakers”, have been motivated as evidenced by the Immanuel Youth group making Valentine Day cards for the homeless, Sigma Phi of Martin County High School making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Sigma Phi making Easter Cards and baskets for the homeless. 
And, now the parents of those young people are being motivated by the actions of their children…just this week we had a call from the parent of a Sigma Phi student saying that her son had motivated her and that she was bringing in a donation of clothing.
Martin County is truly a community of good conscience and during this holiest of seasons may we all join in prayer that as we are all made more and more aware of the plight of the  homeless and impoverished in our County that God will multiply these efforts so that we can all look back and truly say we have done our part in doing what He has asked us to do for the less fortunate.
Can We Help
1300 E 10th Street
Stuart, Fl 34996

Thank YOU for your continued support and prayers!
As you can see, Can We Help continues to 
reach and help those most in need in our community.
We pray for your continued support! 

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